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Srikanth Bolla Biography

Special people like Srikanth Bolla have done amazing things while facing huge problems. An outline of the past. Born blind in 1992, Srikanth Bolla grew up in a rural part of India. Even though he had some problems, he was eager to keep studying and reach his goals.Because of how society sees disabled people, he had to deal with bias and issues at school. But Srikanth’s parents wanted him to keep learning, so they sent him to a blind school. The girl did well in school and then went to the US’s well-known Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He became very interested in business and technology while studying computer science at MIT. Entrepreneur Srikanth Bolla’s Net Worth 2024, Biography, Career, Biopic, Achievements and study also given in detail in this content.

He was thrilled about how technology could help people with disabled people and make the world a better place to live. When Srikanth was done with school at MIT, he went back to India and started Bollant Industries in 2012. Because Bollant Industries is a social business, it hires disabled people to make environmentally friendly trash packing. There are two goals for the company: to help disabled people find work and to promote Green practices. Srikanth has helped Bollant Industries grow a lot and get praise for its smart business plan and good work in the world.

Srikanth’s story has touched countless individuals around the globe. It’s crucial to persevere, even in the face of challenges.Srikanth Bolla story shows that having a strong will and a clear goal can help people do well even when things are hard. He always fights for disabled people’s rights and for everyone to accept them. Making other people want to solve their problems and reach their goals is like this.

Srikanth Bolla career


Before starting a trip full of difficulties, Srikanth Bolla became a source of inspiration for people who want to be entrepreneurs or work for social change. Through his work, he has shown that he is strong, creative, and determined. Take a look at Srikanth Bolla’s amazing career. He was a creative leader who beat the odds and made his way to success.

Srikanth Bolla Net Worth

Early Life of Srikanth Bolla:
Srikanth Bolla was born blind in a rural area of India in 1992. He had to deal with people who didn’t like him. The things people think and say about disabled people are unfair, but Srikanth’s parents told him that nothing was impossible. Their constant support gave Srikanth the drive to start school and show that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Educational Struggles and Successes:

Srikanth broke all kinds of rules in his quest for information. He did so well in school that he was able to get into the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US. He was the first blind student from outside of the US to be accepted. Srikanth became deeply involved in computer science at MIT, which fueled his interest in technology and new ideas.

Entrepreneurial ventures:

Since 2012, Srikanth Bolla has been running Bollant Industries with the goal of making the world a better place. The interesting project’s goals were to change how things are made and also support the idea of including everyone. A company called Bollant Industries hires disabled people to make eco-friendly boxes for market goods. This company does good for society and the environment at the same time. Srikanth’s business goals are to give people more power and get rid of things that get in the way of work.

Honors and Influence:

Widespread praise and attention has been paid to Srikanth Bolla’s unique work. His story has changed the way that many people view disability and what success really means all around the world. Srikanth is always trying to improve the friendliness and acceptance of society. He is a transformation agent that makes people feel hopeful and creates opportunities for next generations.

Srikanth Bolla Biopic

New Hindi biopic movie “Srikanth” tells the story of the amazing life of Srikanth Bolla, an Indian businessman and founder of Bollant Industries. These are the most important facts about the movie:

The movie chronicles the journey of Srikanth Bolla, who was born visually impaired in 1992 in Seetharamapuram village, Machilipatnam, in then undivided Andhra Pradesh, India.Despite his challenges, Srikanth founded Bollant Industries in 2012. This groundbreaking enterprise provides employment opportunities for unskilled and differently-abled individuals to create eco-friendly products.

The film portrays Srikanth’s struggles from childhood, emphasizing his determination with the powerful line “mai bhaag nahi sakta, sirf lad sakta hun” (meaning “I can’t run away, I can only fight”).
It also highlights his extraordinary achievements, such as filing a court case to study science as a subject (despite scoring 98%) and becoming the first international visually impaired student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) after being denied entry into the Indian Institute of Technology.
The lead role in Srikanth Bolla is played by Rajkummar Rao.
In the film, Jyothika plays a teacher.
As Veera Swathi, Alaya F plays the part.
Sharad Kelkar plays Ravi Mantha and tells the story.
As A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Jameel Khan plays the part.


Release Date:
Initially set to release theatrically in September 2023, the film is now scheduled to release on 10th May 20241.Interestingly, this release date coincides with Akshaya Tritiya, a significant Hindu festival associated with prosperity and new beginnings.

The film’s tagline is “AA RAHA HAI SABKI AANKHEN KHOLNE” (meaning “he is coming to open everyone’s eyes”).Srikanth Bolla’s inspiring journey is a testament to perseverance and achievement, and I’m sure the film will captivate audiences with its powerful storytelling.

Srikanth Bolla Net Worth in crores

Indian businessman Srikanth Bolla, founder and chairman of Bollant Industries, has made a lot of progress even though he has had problems. Srikanth was born on July 7, 1991, in Seetharamapuram, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, into a Telugu-speaking family. He has had trouble seeing since birth. His family mostly made a living by farming, and he had a hard childhood because they didn’t have power, couldn’t go to school, and didn’t make enough money to live on.

Despite these obstacles, Srikanth’s determination led him to remarkable achievements. After matriculation, he fought to study science and eventually topped his class with a 98% score in his XII board exams. However, when he sought admission to coaching institutes for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), he faced rejection due to his blindness. Undeterred, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management at the MIT Sloan School of engineering becoming the first international blind student at MIT. His experiences in the United States, from taking his first flight to adjusting to Western amenities, left lasting memories.

Srikanth co-founded the Samanvai Center for Children with Multiple Disabilities in 2011, where he established a Braille printing press. In 2012, he launched Bollant Industries, which manufactures eco-friendly products from areca leaves and recycled materials. The company provides employment to hundreds of people with disabilities, thanks to funding from Ratan Tata. Bollant Industries addresses employment, economic, and environmental concerns by producing recycled Kraft paper, packaging products, and transforming waste plastic into usable items.

As of 2024, Srikanth Bolla’s net worth is estimated to be around ₹50 crores (approximately $6.7 million USD). His resilience and commitment have made him an influential figure, proving that determination can overcome adversity. Recently, Srikanth became a father to a baby girl with his wife, Veera Swathi. His journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and innovation in the face of challenge.


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Srikanth Bolla’s Wife Swathi


Veera Swathi is an Indian homemaker best known as the wife of Bollant Industries ‘ Chairman and CEO, Srikanth Bolla. The pair got married on April 23, 2022, in Hyderabad. Despite being born blind, Srikanth Bolla founded Bollant Industries, worth crores over ₹1,200 . Veera Swathi’s support, as well as their journey together, demonstrate perseverance and persistence.


Srikanth Bolla Achievements

The great Indian businessman Srikanth Bolla has overcome many obstacles to accomplish a lot of significant milestones.know more about srikanth in this article. bolla is an indian industrialist  and also a first international blind student The following list includes his significant achievements:

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Interesting Facts of Srikanth Bolla

Blind CEO and Founder:
Srikanth Bolla was born in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.He was born blind, but he surmounted all odds to become a prominent figure in business.Srikanth is the Chairman and founder of Bollant Industries, a company that has made substantial advances in ecologically friendly production.

Social Impact: In 2011 Srikanth co-founded the Samanvai Center for Children with Multiple Disabilities.
He built a Braille printing press at the institution and offered kids with several disabilities financial, vocational, educational, and therapeutic assistance.
His goal was to enable these people to lead self-sustaining, economically independent lives.

Bollant Industries:
In 2012, Srikanth founded Bollant Industries along with his business partner, Ravi Mantha.
The company manufactures eco-friendly products, including packaging made from fallen areca palm leaves and recycled materials.Bollant Industries provides employment to several hundred people with disabilities, thanks to funding from Ratan Tata.

Their product line includes recycled Kraft paper, packaging materials, disposable items manufactured from natural leaves and recycled paper, and the conversion of waste plastic into useful products.Srikanth Bolla has an estimated net worth of ₹50 crore (about $6.7 million USD).His journey exemplifies resilience, ingenuity, and willpower in overcoming adversities.

Upcoming Bollywood films:
A Bollywood film based on Srikanth Bolla’s life is set to be released in theaters, stressing his incredible story.Srikanth Bolla’s impact on employment, the economy, and the environment exemplifies human potential and tenacity.

Shrikant Bolla movie trailer,Shrikant Bolla movie & trailer

The official trailer for the film “Srikanth” has been published, promising an inspirational and joyful story. Let’s get into the details.

Title: Srikanth
Rajkummar Rao plays the role of Srikanth Bolla, a visually handicapped industrialist.
Jyotika and Alaya F round out the cast.

The teaser introduces Rajkummar’s character, Srikanth Bolla, who aspires to academic excellence despite his vision handicap.
It displays his determination, hardship, and goal to empower the underprivileged.
The film will open in theaters on May 10, 2024.
The official trailer for SRIKANTH is now available on the T-Series YouTube channel.

Srikanth Bolla’s extraordinary story exemplifies resilience and the power of conviction.

Srikanth Bolla age

srikanth bolla age in 2024 is 34 years old.

Shrikant Bolla bussiness

Srikanth helped to establish the Samanvai Center for Children with Multiple Disabilities in 2011.
He constructed a Braille printing press at the facility, where students with multiple disabilities may get educational, vocational, financial, and rehabilitation assistance.
His objective was to empower these people to live economically independent and self-sustaining lives.

Shrikant Bolla study

Education: bolla was denied permission to continue science at his own risk after matriculation (10th grade), Srikanth persisted.
He received an impressive 98% on his XII board exams, placing first in his class.
Unfortunately, his vision caused him to be rejected by coaching schools for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
Distressed, he continued on to the American MIT Sloan School of Management to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering management. Amazingly, he enrolled at MIT as the first blind student from outside of the country.
His time spent in the United States, from his first flight to becoming used to Western comforts, created enduring memories.

bollent industries net worth

Bollant Industries, founded by Srikanth Bolla, has made significant strides in the manufacturing sector, particularly in eco-friendly products. Let’s delve into the details:

Company Overview:
Ecological products are manufactured by packaging firm Bollant Industries Private Limited.
Among their products is corrugated packaging composed of fallen areca palm leaves.
Differentiating the company is its dedication to social impact and sustainability.
Current valuation and net worth of Bollant Industries is about £48 million (British pounds).
This comes to about ₹500 crore (about $67 million USD) in Indian currency.
The net worth of the company has seen consistent growth, reflecting its success and impact.

Impact and Employment:
Bollant Industries provides employment opportunities to several hundred people with disabilities.
Their innovative approach addresses multiple issues: employment, economics, and the environment.
Notable products include recycled Kraft paper, packaging from recycled paper, disposable items made from natural leaves and recycled paper, and the transformation of waste plastic into usable products.

Srikanth Movie Release Date

Title: Srikanth
Rajkummar Rao plays the role of Srikanth Bolla, a visually handicapped industrialist.
Jyotika and Alaya F round out the cast.The film will open in theaters on May 10, 2024.
The official trailer for SRIKANTH is now available on the T-Series YouTube channel.

Who Is Shrikant Bolla?

Srikanth Bolla is an Indian entrepreneur and disability rights champion. Despite his blindness, he became the first international blind student admitted to MIT. In 2012, he started Bollant Industries, which employs persons with impairments to make environmentally friendly packaging. His narrative exemplifies persistence and inventiveness, while also encouraging inclusivity and empowerment.

What is the business of Srikanth Bolla?

However, Bolla chose to write his own fate. Today, he is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Bollant Industries, an eco-friendly recycling firm based in Hyderabad that provides packaging solutions and employs individuals with disabilities.

Who is the blind billionaire in India?

He is now the CEO of a company valued at Rs 100 crore. This is Srikanth Bolla’s narrative. He was born blind in Andhra Pradesh, and his parents were urged to let him die.

What do bollant industries do?

BOLLANT manufactures environmentally friendly disposable products and packaging solutions for manufacturers using natural leaves and recycled paper. Our production operations primarily employ uneducated and unskilled individuals with impairments.

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