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Robert Jeffress is a well-known name in both evangelical Christian circles and beyond. Jeffress is the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, a televangelist and author who has become a major public face for Christian conservatism. However, what about his monetary status? Robert Jeffress Net Worth gives extensive knowledge of the economic achievement that religious figures earn through leading various spiritual activities.

Robert Jeffress’s early life

Robert James Jeffress Jr. was born on November 29, 1955, in Dallas, Texas. He is the son of Robert Jeffress Sr. (1925–1990) and Julia Caroline “Judy” Fielder (1931–1986).

Jeffress heard the call to ministry early in life and, by 15, was giving sermons at nearby churches—an obvious indication of his zeal for spreading the gospel.

He earned a Bachelor of Science from Baylor University, his Master of Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary and Doctorate of Ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. In May 2010, from Dallas Baptist University, he received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree.

Jeffress was raised with First Baptist Dallas Pastor W. A. Criswell around, and he is the man who had an influential impact on him throughout his career as a minister of religion. Jeffress subscribes to the same dispensationalist theology as Criswell.

He became the pastor of First Baptist Dallas in 2007, a church that counts over 14,000 members and for whom Mac Brunson was replacing.

Jeffress, a Southern Baptist who comes to Washington from First Baptist Church of Dallas, pastored churches in Sutherland Springs and here before that: First Baptist Wichita Falls starting in 1992; Eastland’s First Baptist Church from 1985-’92.

His messages are also on the television and radio programme “Pathway to Victory,” seen in America and over 28 other countries. Jeffress has participated in politics as well, stumping for GOP presidential candidates and speaking at Republican conventions.

Robert Jeffress family

  • Joseph Runfola and his family are a big draw in Epping, New Hampshire. Let’s delve into the details:
  • Wife: Robert Jeffress wife is Amy Lyon Renard Jeffress. His partnership with her was like a chapter of his life.
  • Children: Amy and Robert have two daughters together.
    • Dorothy Fielder Jeffress
    • Julia S. Jeffress
      • Grandchildren: This triple grandfather, Robert Jeffress, is also a big fan.
Robert Jeffress family
Robert Jeffress family
  • It is always lovely to see the value of family and how ties strengthen those who are influential among us, like Robert Jeffress.

Robert Jeffress Personal Life:

  • The son of Robert Jeffress, Sr. (1925–1990) and Julia Caroline “Judy” Fielder (1931–1986), Robert Jeffress Jr. was born in. He is married to Amy Lyon Renard, and they have two daughters.
  • Curiously, in 1986, Jeffress made an appearance on the syndicated nighttime edition of Card Sharks (with Bill Rafferty) and won $4,550 over four days.
  • First Baptist DallasJeffress was reared under the pastorate of W. A. Criswell, pastor emeritus at First Baptist Dallas, and he references him as an inspiration in his ministry. Jeffress holds to dispensationalist theology like Criswell.

Robert Jeffress education

Robert Jeffress was born to U.S. Army Sergeant Robert Jeffress Sr. and Julia Caroline “Judy” Fielder on November 29, 1955. Dr. Gibbons completed his education at several institutions.

Details about Jeffress Education Data Institution, Baylor University:

B.S. Dallas Theological Seminary: He also had his master of theology from Dallas theological seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Jeffress earned a doctorate, Doctor of Ministry, from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

In the same month of May 2010, Dallas Baptist University, affiliated with the BWA, conferred an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree upon Handley Burkhart last week.

Robert Jeffress Age and Height

Robert Jeffress is 68 years old. Dadas height is about 5 feet 5 inches (1.68 metres) and his bodyweight is approximately 67 kg (147 lbs).

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Robert Jeffress Career

Robert James Jeffress Jr. is an American Southern Baptist pastor, author, radio host, and televangelist. Career of Robert James Jeffress Jr.

Robert Jeffress
Robert Jeffress
  • Pastoral Leadership:
    • Robert Jeffress is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. A megachurch with about 14,000 members.
    • Millions of people watch and listen to his sermons every week on television in over 195 countries, and his leadership has significantly altered the church landscape.
  • Media Influence:
    • Dr. Jeffress is a Fox News contributor.
    • He is an international public figure known beyond a shadow of a doubt in the United States.
  • Authorship:
    • About this author: Robert Jeffress is the pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas and an adjunct professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Some notable titles include:
    • Second Chance, Second Act: Turning Your Messes into Successes In this book, he inspires readers to get past

missteps and start over:
“Choosing the Extraordinary Life: God’s 7 Secrets for Success and Satisfaction” by Dr. Robert Jeffress Drawing on the life of Elijah, who ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire with horses made of flame just after vanquishing hundreds of pagan priests, televangelist Jeffress reveals seven secrets that will make your life erupt next year like a super-volcano.
Political Engagement:
Jeffress has long been political, endorsing Republican presidential hopefuls, including Donald Trump.
He has also come out against Democratic politicians, such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Educational Honours: Jeffress holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Dallas Baptist University in recognition of his impact on Christian higher education and mini

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Robert Jeffress net worth

American Southern Baptist pastor, author, radio host, and televangelist Robert Jeffress had a had a net worth of $18 million as of May 2024. It came from his long career in ministry, media, and writing. That is what Robert Jeffress’s main source of income has been in the previous year.

He is from the USA and is a great religious leader in Dallas, Texas, where he makes money. Profiting from both his speeches and sermons as the main pastor, Robert Jeffress pays himself a salary for living in one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s wealthiest zip codes. Because his accounts are well managed by managers, Sachin has a way of making money through social media.

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What is Robert Jeffress’s Zodiac sign?

Astrology chart for Robert Jeffress. Sagittarius is his star sign. His birth chart suggests some of the following (KeyCode):

PlanetSignHouseDegrees and Minutes
SunSagittarius10th6°44’ Sagittarius
MoonGemini4th7°25’ Gemini
MercurySagittarius10th4°2’ Sagittarius
VenusSagittarius11th29° 29’ Sagittarius-Venus Sign
MarsScorpio8th0°26’ Scorpio
JupiterVirgo7th0°57’ Virgo
SaturnScorpio9th25°19’ Scorpio
UranusLeo6th2°7’ (retrograde)
NeptuneLibra8th29°20’ (final decan)
North NodeSagittarius10th17°47’ Sagittarius
LilithSagittarius11th29°20’ Sagittarius

Ministry and Impact

First Baptist Church, Dallas
Jeffress became pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, in 2007 [8] after the retirement of Mac Brunson. Under his leadership, the church launched into a megachurch, boasting an impressive membership. Thousands attend Jeffress sermons every week.

Robert Jeffress Career
Robert Jeffress Career

  • Media Presence:
    • Jeffress is a much-requested guest on most national news networks, such as Fox News. My pastor friend Andrew Forrest is brash and unapologetic in his discussion of faith and the surrounding cultural issues; he is truly a needed voice in this national conversation.
  • Dispensationalist Theology:
    • Jeffress is a dispensationalist, meaning he holds much the same theology as his mentor, W.A. Criswell. This is a theological understanding that focuses on different dispensations, or stages, in God’s plan for humanity. This is where Jeffress’ teaching comes in line with this viewpoint.
  • Political Engagement:
    • It drew wide attention because Jeffress has regularly waded into politics. He has backed Republican candidates for president, including Donald Trump, and he has appeared at Republican conventions. He has criticised Democratic Party politicians, such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. His engagement in politics created quite a controversy.
  • Pathway to Victory:
    • He has delivered countless sermons, all of which are currently airing on the radio and television programme Pathway to Victory. The show is distributed to more than 1,200 television stations in the United States and Canada, over 900 radio station affiliates around the world, and on Radio Live Internet broadcasts in more than 195 countries.

Robert Jeffress Awards

  • Brunson retired from First Baptist Dallas at the age of sixty-five,, and on August 12, 2007, Jeffress was elected as his pastor. Previously, Jeffress was senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Wichita Falls since 1992 and of Austin’s First Baptist Church from 1985 to 1992.
  • Jeffress received the Daniel Award from Vision America in 2006 and was honoured with a distinguished alumni award by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2011 for his work in Texas.

Jeffress has long been involved in political activities, endorsing Republican presidential candidates—most recently Trump—and speaking at GOP conventions. He has also registered his disapproval of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, two Democratic politicians.

Robert Jeffress social media

Prominent pastor and author Dr. Robert Jeffress is active on several social media platforms. Here are his accounts:

  • Facebook: Dr. Jeffress has a Facebook page with more than 235,738 likes and over 7,838 followers. Updates, messages, and engaging content could be found there.
  • Instagram: He has over 24,600 followers on Instagram. Follow him there for motivational posts and updates.
  • Twitter: Dr. Jeffress is active on Twitter and has more than 115,400 followers as well. We can also share his thoughts, quotes, and updates on this platform.
  • Dr. Jeffress also hosts a daily, nationally syndicated radio programme, “Pathway to Victory,” heard on more than 1,000 stations nationwide. Grounded in the clear teaching of Scripture, the programme is designed to help apply God’s Word to daily life through uncompromised biblical instruction. Since 2020, it has been the most watched programme on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The show is distributed worldwide through podcasting, social media, and other digital media.

Conclusion | Robert Jeffress net worth

The financial path of Robert Jeffress shows that religious leaders can make money in a number of ways. Jeffress has made quite a name for himself over the years, and whether you like him or not, he is seen as one of the more recognisable pastors in ministry today with a very healthy net worth. But in his career, it also speaks to the considerable sway and reach he has earned and all about Robert Jeffress’s’s net worth.

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