NLE Choppa Net Worth

Journey of NLE Choppa:

NLE Choppa Net Worth and tour of the life and career of the incredibly gifted rapper NLE Choppa, real name Bryson LaShun Potts, who was born in the energetic city of Memphis, Tennessee, on November 1, 2002.

The tale of NLE Choppa is not only about his ascent to prominence but also about Memphis’s vibrant music scene and rich cultural legacy. NLE Choppa has enthralled fans with his distinct style, honest lyrics, and unquestionable charm from his modest beginnings to his astonishing ascent in the rap business.

NLE Choppa was exposed to the diverse musical landscape that penetrates Memphis’ streets as a child. He started perfecting his skill at an early age, experimenting with various sounds and genres until he developed his own voice. He was influenced by artists like Yo Gotti and Three 6 Mafia.

NLE Choppa’s skill quickly attracted the attention of the music business. His breakthrough song, “Shotta Flow,” launched him into the public eye and received millions of views in only a short period of time in 2018.

Since then, NLE Choppa’s contagious charisma and catchy rhythms have kept him a rising star in the rap scene. His genuineness and unfiltered storytelling have connected with people all around the world, garnering him praise from critics and a devoted fan base.

However, NLE Choppa is not simply traveling for the music. Additionally, he has grown to be a well-known advocate in the field of mental health and wellbeing, utilizing his platform to encourage people to value inner calm and self-care.

We ask you to join us as we explore the life and career of NLE Choppa in greater detail. Together, we will explore talent, resiliency, and the ability of music to bridge divides and bring people together.


NLE Choppa was raised by a Jamaican mother and an African American father.
He was raised in Parkway Village, which is in Southeast Memphis.

NLE Choppa Net Worth

He was a student at Cordova High School, where he played basketball for a while before realizing he loved music.
He started freestyling with pals at the age of 15, and by the time he was sixteen, he was taking music seriously.

NLE Choppa Career:

Since the beginning of his rap career, NLE Choppa’s mother, Angela Potts, has served as his manager.
Under the moniker YNR Choppa, he released his debut single, “No Love Anthem,” in March 2018.

He released his debut mixtape, “No Love the Takeover,” in July of that same year.
Shotta Flow,” his breakthrough hit, launched him to stardom. Ten million people saw the upbeat song in only one month after it was released.
The song debuted at number 96 when it was added to the Billboard Hot 100.
After experiencing popularity, he signed with Warner Records, and in 2020, he released “Top Shotta,” his first studio album. The US Billboard 200 album charted in the top 10 at its peak.
Among the album’s notable singles are “Camelot” and The album has two notable hits, “Walk Em Down” (with Roddy Ricch) and “Camelot.”

His next two mixtapes, “Me vs. Me” (2022) and “From Dark to Light” (2020), helped to prepare the ground for his second studio album, “Cottonwood 2″ (2023).
His highest-charting hit, “Slut Me Out” (a remix featuring Sexyy Red), was included on the album.

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NLE Choppa Net Worth

The rapper NLE Choppa net worth a cool $5.2 million. saw NLE Choppa become well-known because to his song “Shotta Flow.” In the summer of 2020, he released his debut studio album, “Top Shotta,” after the release of the EP “Cottonwood”. The album released the hit songs “Walk Em Down” and “Camelot,” and it landed in the top ten of the Billboard 200. At the time of writing, he had over 2 billion video views on his channel and 6 million YouTube followers. Numerous well-known musicians, like as Blueface, Bhad Bhabie, Birdman, Juvenile, Smokepurpp, and others, have worked with NLE Choppa.

NLE Choppa Net Worth: NLE Choppa net worth as of 2024 is $5 million.
His quick ascent to prominence, lucrative music career, and business endeavors have all made a substantial financial contribution to him.

Monthly Earnings: NLE Choppa’s anticipated monthly income is $359,350, based on NLE Choppa Net Worth Spot.
This equates to around $5.40 million in revenue annually1.
Remember that this estimate might change depending on a number of variables.

NLE Choppa Net Worth,Income Sources

NLE Choppa’s Net worth and income sources are as follows:
Streaming Platforms: He makes money via song streaming on websites like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Songs.
Royalties: From the albums and singles he has put out, he gets royalties.

Live Performances: He makes money via attending concerts and live performances.
Endorsement Deals: He makes extra money from item sales and brand endorsements.
Entrepreneurship: He is involved in real estate and health product investments, as well as running his record label, No Love Entertainment.

NLE Choppa music style

NLE Choppa’s music style is a dynamic blend of trapgangsta rap, and melodic rap. Let’s break it down:

Trap Influence:

The distinctive 808 drum rhythms, hi-hats, and gloomy, bass-heavy instrumentals that characterize trap music are frequently heard in NLE Choppa’s tracks. His fast-paced speech style fits quite well with the intensity of trap rhythms.
Songs like “Camelot” and “Shotta Flow” are prime examples of this trap influence.

Gangsta Rap Feelings:

His songs explore topics like street life, hardships, and survival that are typical of gangsta rap.
Through his honest narration, NLE Choppa creates vivid images of his upbringing in Memphis.
He talks about street risks, hustle, and violence a lot.

Melodic Elements:

NLE Choppa’s ability to swing between furious rap and catchy melodies with ease is what makes him stand out.
Songs like “Walk Em Down,” which features Roddy Ricch, highlight his catchy hooks.He can provide vocals with a compelling contrast by being both forceful and smooth at the same time.

Positive Messaging:

NLE Choppa has changed his approach to music in recent years, making it more mindful and upbeat.
Songs like “Bryson” and “Letter to My Daughter,” which discuss family and personal development, showcase his reflective side.
All things considered, audiences connect with NLE Choppa’s music because of its genuineness, vigor, and ability to meld many genres. He’s a powerful presence in the rap industry, whether he’s crooning catchy songs or hurling hard-hitting verses.

NLE Choppa most popular songs

“Shotta Flow”: NLE Choppa shot to popularity with this breakthrough hit. Due to its infectious melody and honest lyrics, the song received millions of views and a place in the Billboard Hot 10012.most effected this song for NLE Choppa Net Worth.
“Camelot”: Another smash off his first studio album, “Top Shotta,” “Camelot” highlights his dynamic flow and catchy lyrics. It’s a crowd favorite that keeps getting great praise1.
“Walk Em Down” (with Roddy Ricch): NLE Choppa experiments with a more popular sound in this joint effort. It’s a noteworthy track 3 because of the catchy chorus and smooth flow.

“Jumpin” (feat. Polo G): This 2021 release, which has an upbeat sound, stars Polo G. Polo G’s catchy choruses and NLE Choppa’s choppy flow combine to produce an enticing vibe4.

“CAPO”: “CAPO” demonstrates NLE Choppa’s growth as a rapper and is a monument to his genuineness. Even at the age of 19, he provides with enthusiasm and commitment4.
“Final Warning”: This track from his most recent album, “Me Vs. Me,” shows how much he has grown as a musician. It demonstrates his skill and growth as a musician.

NLE Choppa Story Behind the Song ‘Shotta Flow’:

Title and Inspiration: YoungBoy Never Broke Again (NBA YoungBoy), a fellow rapper who had legal issues after a gunshot incident and parole infractions, is mentioned in the title itself.
“Shotta Flow” was inspired by NLE Choppa’s love of YoungBoy’s music as well as his own upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee.

No Love Entertainment (NLE): Choppa’s own label, No Love Entertainment, which he founded in collaboration with Warner Records, made its debut with the song “Shotta Flow.”
This song, which demonstrated his brilliance and tenacity, represented a pivotal point in his career.

Raw Lyrics and Authenticity: NLE Choppa raps about his experiences growing up on the streets of Memphis, focusing on issues like survival and the difficulties he overcame.
His songs are raw and honest, reflecting the hardships of growing up in a difficult household.

The dynamic performance and captivating cadence captivated the audience, resulting in millions of views on YouTube and extensive recognition.
Success Viral:
After being released on YouTube, the music video for “Shotta Flow” received over 15 million views in just six weeks.
The sincerity of NLE Choppa’s tale and the ferocity of the rhythm resonated with fans.
To sum up, “Shotta Flow” is more than simply a song; it offers an insight into the lives, hardships, and love of music of NLE Choppa.

NLE Choppa’s albums

Albums Release Date Peak Chart Positions Certifications
Top Shotta August 7, 2020 US: 10, US R&B/HH: 6, US Rap: 7, CAN: 14 RIAA: Platinum, MC: Platinum 
Cottonwood 2 April 14, 2023 US: 21, US R&B/HH: 9, US Rap: 7
Cottonwood 2: Deluxe 2.0 October 27, 2023

NLE Choppa’s Mixtape

MixtapesRelease DatePeak Chart Positions
No Love The Takeover (as YNR Choppa)July 22, 2018
Narco Choppa (with Icy Narco)April 26, 2019
Holly Trap (with NoCap)November 15, 2019
From Dark to LightNovember 1, 2020US: 115
Me vs. MeJanuary 28, 2022US: 14, US R&B/HH: 8, US Rap: 5
The Chosen Ones (with DJ Booker)January 5, 2024
Shotta Flow SeriesFebruary 23, 2024

NLE Choppa’s songs

AlbumsRelease DatePeak Chart PositionsCertifications
Top ShottaAugust 7, 2020US: 10, US R&B/HH: 6, US Rap: 7, CAN: 14RIAA: Platinum, MC: Platinum 1
Cottonwood 2April 14, 2023US: 21, US R&B/HH: 9, US Rap: 7
Cottonwood 2: Deluxe 2.0October 27, 2023

NLE Choppa social media

  • Instagram:
    • His Instagram handle is @nlechoppamusic
    • “NLE Choppa has 7.2 million followers on Instagram April 2024.
    • On Instagram, he shares photos, videos, and connects with his audience.
  • X(Twitter):
    • Follow NLE Choppa on X (Twitter) for updates, thoughts, and interactions with fans.
    • “NLE Choppa has 2.3 million followers on X(Twitter).
  • Facebook:
    • You can follow NLE Choppa on Facebook.
    • His official page shares updates, music releases, and glimpses into his life as a rapper.
    • NLE Choppa has 1.9 million followers on Facebook.
  • Official Website:
  1. Other Platforms:
    • NLE Choppa continues to engage with fans across various platforms, sharing snippets of his life, music, and creative process.
    • Keep an eye out for his updates on TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media channels.

NLE Choppa YouTube Channels


What is Net Worth of NLE Choppa?

NLE Choppa net worth as of 2024 is $5 million.

Famous songs of NLE Choopa?

“Shotta Flow,Camelot,Walk Em Down,Jumpin and CAPO” is a most famous song of NLE Choppa.

How much money does NLE Choppa make a year?

Financially speaking, his annual costs come to $500,000, while his investments are worth $3 million. He makes $40,000 a month, or almost $0.5 million a year, according to estimates.

How much is the NLE Choppa catalog worth?

DJ Akademiks | NLE Choppa says he could sell his music catalog for $1 billion dollars | Instagram.

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