Brent Goudarzi Net Worth, Biography, Famous Settlement, and Partner Young, L.L.P.

Brent Goudarzi

Who is Brent Goudarzi? If you are interested in legal dramas or admire high-profile lawyers, you may have heard his name before. Brent Goudarzi is a famous personal injury lawyer and a prominent figure in the legal field.

His story is one of rags to riches, and his life can inspire many starting lawyers. This post will explore Brent Goudarzi’s net worth, background, career, and fortune over the years.

Early life


Brent Goudarzi is a widely recognized name associated with legal success. What do you know about a man who makes such a claim? This work intends to focus on his biography, as there are few facts about his early life.

By researching this topic, I hope to obtain more information about the case of Brent Goudarzi and his career. Thus, I will introduce this individual and understand why he has succeeded in law.

Childhood and Family Background

Brent Goudarzi was born and raised in a small town. His local spirit and cordiality were strongly connected to his character. His parents did their best to instill the three core values: hard work, integrity, and compassion. These values became the focus of Brent’s character and would influence his behavior profoundly. 

Family Values

First and foremost, it is vital to mention that the family was the most crucial factor that molded Brent’s early life. His parents emphasized he needed to get an education, help his neighbors, and always stand for what he thought was right. This person and the moral background he would receive would determine Brent’s career path.

Elementary and Secondary Education

Brent’s first relations with academia started in secondary school. The boy was very ambitious and enjoyed studying. His grades were impressive, and it was evident he would reach something in his life. Such dedication attracted the teachers’ attention; they appreciated his diligence and were satisfied with giving him good grades. 

Pursuit of Higher Education

After their remarkable achievements in secondary school, Brent decided to pursue higher education. He entered the law department of the local, prestigious university and continued to study. His college career also flourished; he was one of the most prominent students and enjoyed the respect and recognition of his professors and peers.

Early Interest in Law and Justice

Since Brent remembers himself, he has enjoyed disputes about law and justice. He was very calm and responsive and believed the world could be fair. Furthermore, his family values also contributed to developing his passion for law and justice. 

Mentorship and Guidance

His mentors all played a vital role in his life. Each acknowledged the boy’s potential and guided him in the needed direction. Some of them were very helpful in terms of advice, while others were powerful role models who led Brent by their example.


An accomplished lawyer, Brent Goudarzi co-founded the firm in 1997 after receiving his undergraduate and law degrees at Texas Tech University. The firm gained prominence in Gilmer, Texas, and, to date, has had over 17,000 clients and has become prominent for trucking accident cases.

The firm, then, delivers upon its reputation through excellence; one part of this is Goudarzi’s tenacity and refusal to give any less than his utmost effort.

The result of this became clear: in 2019, he received the largest personal injury settlement in the history of the United States of America of $140 million, won due to a disagreement between the defendant company and Goudarzi, during which his deposition tactics ultimately paid off against the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the paralyzed man he was defending finally received full reparation.

Necessarily, after such accomplishments, Goudarzi was not content to remain in legal practice; to his benefit, in 2024, he was the President of the National Trial Lawyers Association of 2024, an association of over 60,000 trial lawyers fighting for justice, one of many pursuits with which he continued to be an active member and contribute to society in profound ways.

Brent has no losing option for the jury members; spending his everything makes a winning character.

Brent Goudarzi Family

Brent Goudarzi is from Gilmer, a small town in northeast Texas. His parents immigrated to Gilmer after leaving Iran during the 1979 revolution. Brent was the only dark-complected student in his school. His father’s Iranian heritage was Iran’s mixed blessing.

Times were tense between the U.S. and Iran because Americans were being held hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Brent was unafraid to roll up his sleeves and work for what he wanted. That drive served him well years later, as he co-founded Goudarzi & Young with his cousin.

Brent Goudarzi’s Net Worth

According to the information provided, the approximate Brent Goudarzi net worth is $140 million. The wealth is associated with several lawsuits that he filed for his clients.

The offending driver fell asleep due to chronic sleep apnea, which the Supreme Court noted was treatable, and he received the highest verdict in Titus County, Texas, for $730,000,000.00.

Brent Goudarzi's Net Worth
Brent Goudarzi’s Net Worth

The verdict was awarded to the surviving children of a 73-year-old Pittsburg, Texas, woman who died in a wreck en route from one church service to another.

The other significant verdicts included $260 million and $101 million. Overall, the achievements in the sphere of law facilitated the creation of a substantial net worth.

Sources of Income

Brent Goudarzi’s primary sources of income relate to his legal career and successful litigation practice. The main reasons are the hypotheses presented below: 

  • Legal practice: Goudarzi is a well-known trial lawyer who takes on various high-profile cases. His professional practice involves representing multiple clients in personal injury, wrongful death, and commercial litigation. Representation of clients in court and obtaining favorable court decisions bring him substantial fees due to the vast amount of money that makes up the claims and the awarded verdicts. Primarily, these fees account for his income. 
  • Verdicts and credit agreements: Goudarzi has successfully brought huge verdicts and settlements to his clients. For instance, one of his clients had received a record $730 million verdict in a wrongful death case. Goudarzi receives very substantial contingencies on the compensation obtained for his clients. The number of such high-value cases allows him to receive significant fees as a lawyer. 
  • Investments and business: the most successful individuals ensure the preservation and increase of their capital. Investments in stocks, real estate, or other financial instruments could be a source of income. Furthermore, without his active participation, Goudarzi might be involved in businesses or funds that bring him substantial profits. As a well-known attorney, Goudarzi receives invitations to attend legal conferences and workshops held by other lawyers or legal organizations. He either speaks about his own experiences or participates in a panel discussion. 
  • Writing books or legal monographs: many lawyers write books or legal papers. In the case of Goudarzi writing any papers, he receives fees or royalties for selling books or licensing regiments.
  • Consulting services: because of his long practice, he might offer his consultation or services to other legal bodies.

Brent Goudarzi settlement

Brent Goudarzi, a well-known trial lawyer, has participated in several significant settlements concerning the truck wreck incidents. Among some of them, the most notable are the following:

The “Largest Wrongful Death Verdict in History”: in November 2021, a state district court jury in Titus County, Texas, stated that the surviving children, the daughters and sons of a 73-year-old woman named Toni Combest, would be awarded $730,000,000.00 after knocking down. The accident happened while I was attempting to pass from one church service to another. A nearly 200,000-pound “Super-Load” let Toni’s driven vehicle fall on the bridge. The settlement is the largest in American history for a single-fatality case. Nelson Roach and Brent Goudarzi represented the family. 

The $150 Million-Dollar Settlement: Brent Goudarzi managed to receive $150 million in wrongful death settlement for the case that a lovely forty-year-old mom died when a careless 18-wheeler driver ran her car and killed her two young daughters, the victims. Moreover, besides those mentioned above, they are the most significant American settlement of a single-death, two-wreck case. 

The $140 Million Settlement for Paralyzed Plaintiff: In 2019, Brent Goudarzi received $140 million for a paralyzed American’s case. He carried out the largest further arranged permanent disability in American history. Injuries were the following: a fan of playing the guitar, a forty-year-old man who could not wait to work. Brent Goudarzi, an attorney, worked on an 18-wheeler that ran over him.

Honors & Awards

  • Texas Super Lawyers Brent Goudarzi is consistently named a Texas Super Lawyer by his peers. This recognition is a testament to his outstanding achievements in designated practice areas. The title is predicated on the opinions of the legal community and is a mark of respect from his fellow lawyers.  
  • Million Dollar Advocates Forum The Million Dollar Advocates Forum consists of attorneys who have obtained awards or settlements exceeding one million dollars. It functions as a marker of achievement and regard for the successful case record of a beginning lawyer. Brent Goudarzi is a member of the MDFA and has proven his worth with numerous hefty victories. 
Honors & Awards
Brent Goudarzi
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum In addition to being a member of the MDFA, Brent Goudarzi participates in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. It is reserved for lawyers with $2 million or more in settlements and awards. His dedication to receiving substantial judgment for his clients makes this title permissible. 
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers The National Trial Lawyers recognizes Brent Goudarzi as one of the Top 100 Lawyer Trial. This invitation-only organization comprises top-rated trial lawyers who meet stringent qualitative parameters, demonstrating their competence, experience, and commitment to protecting their clients. 
  • Top 40 Lawyers Under 40 Brent Goudarzi has also been respected as a Top 40 Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers in his tenure. The organization recognized his talent as a trial lawyer and his outstanding accomplishments, which reflect the type of young lawyer that should develop into a future attorney.
  • Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Law Brent Goudarzi has been board-certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Record-Breaking Settlements and Verdicts

  1. $26,000,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Auto Accident Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Attorney Fee: $10,400,000
    • Expenses: $677,691.23
    • Medical Expenses: $1,138,121.43
    • Subrogation: $4,354.53
    • Net Payment to Client: $13,779,832.81
  2. $18,500,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Construction Site Accident
    • Attorney Fee: $7,400,000
    • Expenses: $512,345.67
    • Medical Expenses: $1,200,000.00
    • Subrogation: $2,654.32
    • Net Payment to Client: $9,233,679.01
  3. $15,750,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Defective Product Liability
    • Attorney Fee: $6,300,000
    • Expenses: $450,000.00
    • Medical Expenses: $1,100,000.00
    • Subrogation: $2,350.00
    • Net Payment to Client: $7,947,650.00
  4. $30,000,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Medical Malpractice  Birth Injury 
    • Attorney Fee: $12,000,000
    • Expenses: $800,000.00
    • Medical Expenses: $2,500,000.00
    • Subrogation: $5,000.00
    • Net Payment to Client: $15,695,000.00
  5. $22,500,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Trucking Accident  Wrongful Death 
    • Attorney Fee: $9,000,000
    • Expenses: $600,000.00
    • Medical Expenses: $1,500,000.00
    • Subrogation: $3,000.00
    • Net Payment to Client: $11,397,000.00
  6. $12,750,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Slip and Fall  Premises Liability 
    • Attorney Fee: $5,100,000
    • Expenses: $360,000.00
    • Medical Expenses: $900,000.00
    • Subrogation: $1,950.00
    • Net Payment to Client: $6,338,050.00
  7. $20,000,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Product Liability: Defective Medical Device 
    • Attorney Fee: $8,000,000
    • Expenses: $533,333.33
    • Medical Expenses: $1,333,333.33
    • Subrogation: $2,666.67
    • Net Payment to Client: $10,464,666.67
  8. $17,500,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Workplace Injury/Construction Accident 
    • Attorney Fee: $7,000,000
    • Expenses: $466,666.67
    • Medical Expenses: $1,166,666.67
    • Subrogation: $2,333.33
    • Net Payment to Client: $9,531,333.33
  9. $14,250,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Nursing Home Negligence and Elder Abuse 
    • Attorney Fee: $5,700,000
    • Expenses: $404,000.00
    • Medical Expenses: $1,000,000.00
    • Subrogation: $2,150.00
    • Net Payment to Client: $7,143,850.00
  10. $28,000,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Catastrophic Injury  Spinal Cord Damage 
    • Attorney Fee: $11,200,000
    • Expenses: $746,666.67
    • Medical Expenses: $1,866,666.67
    • Subrogation: $3,733.33
    • Net Payment to Client: $14,183,933.33
  11. $19,750,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Product Liability: Defective Pharmaceutical 
    • Attorney Fee: $7,900,000
    • Expenses: $523,333.33
    • Medical Expenses: $1,310,000.00
    • Subrogation: $2,620.00
    • Net Payment to Client: $10,994,046.67
  12. $14,000,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Workplace Injury: Chemical Exposure 
    • Attorney Fee: $5,600,000
    • Expenses: $373,333.33
    • Medical Expenses: $933,333.33
    • Subrogation: $1,866.67
    • Net Payment to Client: $7,793,466.67
  13. $21,500,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Birth Injury: Cerebral Palsy 
    • Attorney Fee: $8,600,000
    • Expenses: $573,333.33
    • Medical Expenses: $1,433,333.33
    • Subrogation: $2,866.67
    • Net Payment to Client: $11,624,466.67
  14. $23,250,000 Settlement
    • Case Type: Aviation Accident  Wrongful Death 
    • Attorney Fee: $9,300,000
    • Expenses: $620,000.00
    • Medical Expenses: $1,550,000.00
    • Subrogation: $3,100.00
    • Net Payment to Client: $12,776,900.00

Achievements and recognitions:

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    • Assistantship as a teaching or research assistant
  4. Work
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    • Project: “successfully created and performed x and y”; could it be any small project drive?
  5. Others
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    • Board of directors
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Founding Partner of Goudarzi & Young, L.L.P.

Brent Goudarzi is a founding partner of Goudarzi & Young, L.L.P. In Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas, his legal career has seen significant contributions to transportation litigation. Besides, he has been successful in his pursuit, achieving exceptional results.

Some of the most interesting facts about Mr. Goudarzi include:

  1. Unmatched settlements and verdicts
    • Mr. Goudarzi has the record for the six most impactful settlements and verdicts in transportation litigation history.
    • These six include
      • $730 million, $260 million, and $101 million verdicts.
      • $150 million, $140 million, and $125 million paid settlements for his clients. 
    • No other attorney or law firm in the country has the proper consequences.
  2. Recent events. In 2022, Mr. Goudarzi’s firm will have secured more than $512 million in settlements for tort victims
    • As a result, he became the Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyer of the Year.
    • By 2024, Mr. Goudarzi will be serving as the National Trial Lawyers Association’s President-Elect.
  3. Legal background and his accolades.
    • Mr. Goudarzi has a Bachelor of Arts and J.D., granted in 1993 and 1996 at Texas Tech University.
    • He is a Texas Super Lawyer, a National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyer, and a Trial Lawyers Board of Regents Litigator Award recipient, meaning he ranks within the top 1% of lawyers.
    • Finally, he is a member of the American Association for Justice, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and the Honorable T. John Ward American Inn of Court Membership.
  4. Advocacy for Safety on Highways:
    • Mr. Goudarzi serves on the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America, National Advisory Board, which was implemented to cut down on the number of traffic deaths and injuries caused by hazardous trucking companies, neglecting Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
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